Property Maintenance

Horsham Property Maintenance: Your Handyman

If you need efficient, reliable, and affordable property maintenance, SDCS Group Ltd are the experts in the area. Keeping your properties at their best, in terms of appearance and state of repair, is what we do–whether for commercial or high-end residential properties. We can cover:

  • Repairs such as leaks
  • Installations
  • General maintenance

and much more. If there is something broken or in need of maintenance on your property, we can fix it. Above all, your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind are our mission.

Choosing SDCS: Why Us?

With years of experience in a wide range of property and refurbishment services, SDCS brings a longstanding commitment to quality. With a large team of skilled and dedicated staff, we will always have the right person for the job–ensuring the highest standard and efficiency of any maintenance need. With us, you can take the stress out of maintaining your properties.

Domestic Property Maintenance

If you need a home handyman in Horsham, our team can get your issue resolved without delay–and with the promise of lasting results. We understand how even the smallest maintenance issue at home can be a constant annoyance. We specialise in high-end residential properties, and with wide expertise across home improvement and maintenance needs, you can rely on us to arrive on time and get the job done. For new builds in Horsham or older properties, we can work with you.

Commercial Handyman: Helping Your Business

As commercial property specialists, we can take care of your business and make sure that troublesome maintenance problems do not disrupt your working day. We carry out every job with care and attention, properly identifying faults and ensuring the right solutions are implemented. Whatever your problem, we can get it resolved without disrupting you or your staff, and leaving the space as clean as we found it.

Get in Touch

If you’re ready to build a longstanding relationship based in the trust and quality of our property maintenance service in Horsham, get in touch today. As a team of experts with cumulative years of experience in the industry, we can take care of all your maintenance needs–no matter how great or small. Give us a call.